About us


Rajhans  Electric co. is stocking distributor of electrical  wires  and cable lights and lamp with  electronic  and industrial  Items . An extensive inventory of electronic and electrical  wire and cable maintained to enable value-added services including to meet our customers requirements  for cabling & wiring  the company is dealing in cable, wires, switchgears, MCBs ,LED, Lamps,Fans, PVC  Pipes, Light Fittings, joining kits etc. The product line we deal  is marked b superior quality. Utmost  precaution with companies in the aspects  of quality given invariably  assured and products As a responsible supplier of electrical goods we keep keen eyes on the market. Enthused to improve our products at every opportunity . safety is our priority in doing the business,be it any renowned company. We emphasize on quality so as to maintain customer trust and reliance. Being a distributor of reliable  quality companies,We stress on safe use of electrical products, along with competitive prices.


The management  and sales teams are committed to our customers utmost satisfaction. Our experienced team of wire  and cable experts strives to service every in. quote. And order quote .meeting and often exceeding customers expectations. If  you have any questions or are interested in receiving some of our written literature or products. Please call us 9810313144 or fill out the request form now.  

Rajhans Electric Co.